Hello! I am Sherry (or Shruti Bhatia as my passport says it). I am a student, daughter, sister, friend, reader and as of now trying to be a writer.  I am from Pune, India and been a town girl forever. The very few years I have lived so far might not be crazily exciting and fun filled but I do have a lot to share.

I am a girl who dreams differently of things so wonderful that they may seem impossible. I am a girl with fantasies of her own. I am a girl who has seen a lot but not enough. I desire to explore more, live more, feel more. I am a girl who isn’t blessed with everything easily but blessed enough. I am a girl who wants more with each day, more of everything. I am a girl who isn’t perfect but strives to be good with every step. I am just a girl trying to tell my story.

For the love of words, I have started this blog “Fictitiously Real” where there will be fun fictional post and then real insights into my journal. Not sticking to a theme, not following rules, and running this blog all by myself only hoping to win hearts through my works.

This blog is more than a project to me, it will be where I will be posting things I want the world to read. Some of them might be cliche, or immature or some posts might even contradict each other, but guess it’s okay. Just so you know, I write things up in my mind, whatever I feel I try to shape them into words. I am open to any suggestions, corrections. Feel free to contact me here.