The Endless Journey

What if everything in our lives is a different journey?

What if every journey leads us to something?

Some being endless, some we complete eventually

What if, one of the journeys, for me, is you?

And I am stuck in the middle of it somehow

Cannot get any closer, cannot get away from you

Cannot change a thing for its too late now

What if, for me, this particular one ends here?

And what if I just cannot get any further

What if I am bound to stay like this forever?

What if I have to wait for you to find me?

What if you are the one to reach out to me eventually?

What if you are lost on your way and never make it here?

I guess I will never truly get my answers.

I’ll keep looking to it and I’ll try and kill my hopes

Yet I will be here standing on a road

Thinking about how I made this far

With time elapsed and nowhere to go

What if I forget about this journey altogether

And them some time on some other one

What if I pass yours on the crossroads?

Will I just walk away, without giving so much as a glance?

Or will I feel lost again? Will I feel this love I have for you, again?


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