The Incomplete Picture

“Being in someone else’s shoes”- I was for one evening, quite literally. I was in a place where a girl like me can only imagine to be. I will spare you guys with boring details. The evening was good,yes, no doubt in that. It also gave me an insight to something. Read on.

We always keep wishing for more from so many things. We have examples; always with our comparison, and thinking only if we were living like someone else is. Nothing is ever what it seems like though. None of it is easy or a smooth ride. Everyone has things to worry about; everyone has desires of their own. One might own everything but still have a few parts of the picture missing. And no matter what, some things are always missing. They cannot replace the missing part, they with everything they have, cannot create the perfect picture. To the others, it seems perfect because they only focus on the parts missing out in theirs’. It’s all a matter of everyone’s perspective towards each other’s lives. And how well do we accept the incomplete picture in hand.

Years from now, I know I will be in a different place.  I’ll be living with an incomplete picture of my own. I am not sure how will I handle all that- juggling with pieces of my own from time to time. But I do know that the pictures will never the same as it is now. I won’t have what I have right now-time, energy, friends and family. I’m just holding on to these pieces. Some will be missing, some will be gone. But I won’t have it the same again. So I’m going to live it while I can and make it count instead of waiting for a lifetime for the perfect one.

So much for one evening eh?



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