Do we really need to be perfect?

Ever realize why our lives are a constant chaos? Why people aren’t calm and there is no peace of mind whatsoever? Everyone has become a bunch of lunatics, result beings who are never self-satisfied. Why?

We all need to be perfect. We crave for some sort of perfection in our lives. We need a perfect self, a healthy self, look good, have a good hair day every day, own the perfect set of dresses and shoes. We need a perfect house with all the worldly amenities and we need it to look perfect. Everything should be spick and span. We need that perfect job with “job satisfaction” along with “good pay” and “timely promotion” (I know right!). We need school to not suck and get good grades and extras too. We want the perfect meal that’s both healthy and tasty. We need that perfect life partner who loves us, understands us and stays with us no matter what, among a million other attributes. Perfect car, perfect coffee, perfect neighborhood, perfect friends. We even want our kids to grow up to perfection. Reading this, a lot of you might think, “Nah!, we don’t want all this.” But deep down we all do. They are all hidden in our ‘what-ifs’ and ‘maybes’ and ‘somedays’.

The truth being, none of us are contented with the imperfection in and around ourselves. It’s alright if you don’t look perfect and have that perfectly toned body that is mistaken for healthy. Don’t stop being healthy but stop stressing over it. It’s okay if your house isn’t your dream house and lacks a few things. At least you have a roof over your head.  It’s sincerely fine if your school or work life isn’t all merry-go-round-play-in-a-park. No ones’ is. You will face the worst possible days, will be discredited, go through a ton of stuff and still feel you are not being rewarded enough.

Stop. Stop looking for the perfection element. Stop running on the clock. Stop running on the clock. Stop overwhelming yourself with a pile of things on your schedule. We all are human beings. The reason why our lives have become this chaotic is that we’re running after a million things and want to get the best of everything. It’s okay to give up a few things on the list. It’s okay to settle for less. Perfection is a myth that has made us delusional for worse.


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