Mascara over Caffeine

It’s not just about impressing people, looking good is feeling good about ourselves. Being beautiful is important to be your best for the day. I am not talking about wearing ball gowns and stilettos, I am talking about appearance. I need that perfect face instead of stressing around with a pimple or two. I need my hair well set as frizzy hair do get tedious to manage. A tired dull face isn’t good; it feels like one is sick. People will judge us, yes, but we need to judge ourselves too. Can a shabby looking person feel energetic all day and do work? No!  My body feels weary and all I need is to lie down and do nothing. But when I dress up and I do, I well more confident. I feel like I can stand on my feet 24 hours and still not feel tired. It does matter how I feel about myself because I am the source of energy I need to work. It works better than a cup of caffeine! So, yes I need that dab of gloss and tinge of mascara or a bit of BB cream to make myself look a bit better. Some days, even that doesn’t work, even makeup can’t cover the amount of dullness my face represents. It’s just a reminder that I need to be paying more attention to myself. I start taking care. The same eat, sleep, exercise and water treatment that is the ultimate solution of all the problems. I feel the difference but then after a while, I stop, I know I am wrong there.

People say I look better without makeup, or glasses suit me. Glasses are fine, they are, but I don’t like them, so I opted for lenses. And makeup, well I don’t apply it for them or I want to feature in some fashion magazine. I just want to look in the mirror and fall in love with the image I see there every time I leave the house, or even when I am in the house. Clearly, the way I look is the way I feel and the way I feel affects almost everything I do. So, when people ask me if something is special when I dress up better, all I wish to say is, “I am.”


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